At Spokane Stretch, we know the pressures of life both men and women experience. It’s hard to make time for yourself when caring for so many. It’s common for stressors and sitting for long hours to lead to tight painful muscles. 

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is assisted stretching that uses slow rhythmic motions.   Its focus is on the fascia rather than lengthening the muscles.  It's pain-free and uses constant circulatory, gently oscillating movements of traction and stabilization to decompress joints and expand space in the soft tissues. You will feel me gently open the joint and then lean into your stretch.  This technique is what makes FST so effective and unlike what we can accomplish on our own.  

​Common conditions we work with include:

Chronic pain such as back, shoulders, neck, and hips
Poor posture
Limited range of motion, due to arthritis, prolonged work hours, or trauma.
Athletic injury and injury prevention

Our goal is to decrease tension in your deepest tissues, unravel restrictions, and relax the hold your nervous system has on those tissues. Our stretch therapist is experienced and trusted. She can help you achieve your flexibility and mobility goals along with relieving your stress and tension, in a safe, effective, and personalized way.  It's so very relaxing.

Our premiere fascial stretch therapy is perfect for the chronically tight and stressed, athletes and weekend warriors. 

​So if you have been looking for stretching places near me, you have found your spot!


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